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Mountain Top Wholeness Center, LLC

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Client Comments

Client Comments

Paul is my personal massage therapist and has been for the last 6 months, I would have none other. Paul brings a new meaning to "Custom Massage", he takes each individual and assesses their individual needs before he begins his therapy. I have had countless massages from other individuals in and out of the country and I have to say "Nobody does it better"! (Remember that song from "The Spy Who Loved Me"? Click The Link! <grin>! ) Do yourself a great service, call Paul!

Best Regards,
Dr. Catherine Wilson

Paul, I can't thank you enough for helping relieve the acute pain I suffered from boxing. Your skill in identifying the afflicted areas and manipulating them appropriately meant greater comfort and healing. Your post-massage exercises were better than my PT's! Thank you for your skill and caring nature.

Sharon Chayra

Had the BEST massage ever by Paul Lofgreen, it was so amazing the way he started out, I have never been in the Raw stage (Relaxed Aware and Waiting) before a massage. The Massage itself was excellent my body has never felt so good in quite a while. I will be doing exercises and stretches that Paul has advised me to do to help keep my body moving. Thank You Paul for this amazing Massage. Ron A.

Paul is an amazing person and a talented massage therapist, we met in school and has been a great friend, and role model, everything he is, is how I wish we all were. Paul has always been available as a counselor and father figure to me, he is gifted and real and considerate of all people, friends, family and clients as well. I wish there was another star to add to his rating, because his massages are heavenly, and comfortable. He is a professional!
Lisa Miller Nolen

I had a constant pain in my upper chest/front shoulder region for several weeks. After a massage from Paul and some simple exercises to be done daily, the pain has disappeared! He truly has "healing hands". He has a way of "feeling" where an issue is and after a massage, the pain, if not gone completely, goes away soon. Thank you!

I had pain in my shoulder for almost a year, nothing took it away. After a massage session with Paul the pain was gone and has been for over two months now! I can sleep again without waking up with my arm numb!

My Chiropractor recommended I see a Massage Therapist to help with my "frozen shoulder". After just one session with Paul I now have increased mobility.

Being a MOM can be stressful. When my stress is up my children get the brunt of it. Paul makes the stress disappear and my children benefit.

Paul is dedicated to his profession, and understands the possibilities of what and how the Mountain Top Wholeness Center is of solid foundation with the proper attitude and determination to create the proper mind set;. I have known Paul for several years and became instant friends. Aside from becoming a solid friend, he has always been a stand up guy with a great concern for his clients.

Gary Horn

Paul is dedicated to supporting the overall well-being of each of his clients. His knowledge combined with experience makes him one of the top massage therapists in Nevada.
Stacey Hall

After a 10 minute chair massage session at a Senior Health Event, "You are not a massage therapist, you are a healer. It takes one to know one."

The Sports Massage has increased my mobility and I can play better on the football field.

Paul was introduced to me by a friend, A Man with a gift for massage!!!
Monika Greczek

I recently had instructions from Paul concerning my sciatic nerve. I truly was in pain for over a 2 week period. Paul, gave me 3 simple exercises to do to relieve the pain and to practice. It took 4 days for the pain to be gone. But It did go away. He also instructed me to be calm and to practice a better state of relaxing when I can.
I can honestly say Thank you. I am not saying he healed me, but I am saying he knew what to do and how to help me. As long as I keep up the exercise He implemented I have not had a recurrence.
Ethel Parker

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